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Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures
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Lightroom Workshops

     March 11-12, 2016, Hillsborough, NC - Friday 12:00P-5:00P/Saturday 8:30A-12:30P
     Participants will get full information on the venues for their workshop.

Cost:  $300 w/ class size limited to 15

Lightroom 5 Workshops

Lightroom CC/6 was introduced after much hype in April of 2015.

This version has many amazing improvements over Lightroom 5, and many people want to get up to speed more quickly than they might be able to do on their own. Many are already familiar with Lightroom. Some are switching from other programs because of the sophistication of this latest version of the program.

Whatever your reason for using Lightroom, it always helps to get a leg up, to learn the ins and outs of the digital asset managment aspects of this program, as well as to discover different ways to accomplish various imaging tasks.

We run periodic workshops each year for LR, this year, being held in Hillsborough, NC.

Topics covered will include but are not limited to:
  • Suggested Catalog Settings and program Preferences;
  • The various revised and new modules and panels and what they do;
  • The powerful organizational capabilities of Lightroom;
  • Assorted tools and presets, including ©, file renaming, & Margo's Tweaks;
  • Templates; and
  • Working with plug-ins such as those by nik (Silver Efex Pro for black-and-white conversions, etc.), Photomatix and Photoshop for stitching panoramas and Content Aware Fill, among others.
You will receive a packet with both worksheets and a CD on Lightroom that will help you move forward with this program and remind you of all the things you learned in this workshop. Those who sign up will also get a list of images to take and bring to the workshop

Practical Items

Our Lightroom workshops are split into two intensive (but fun) half-days to alow you to absorb all the information presented.

The first half day starts Friday midday and will cover the basics of Lightroom CC/6 and its two principle modules, Library and Develop, suggested preferences, organization, presets, importing your images through Lighroom, converting RAW files to the dng format to take care of quick loading in Lightroom, copyright template, moving and renaming files and folders, collections, and other digital asset management tools available in Lightroom.

The second half day is Saturday morning and covers the powerful tools available in the Develop module, including the multi-task capabilities of the adjustment brush and graduated filter tools. You will also learn about the advanced Spot Removal tool (clone/heal), crop/angle, sharpen, lens correction, tone curve, and hue/saturation/luminance tools, among a host of others, both global and local. You will be working on your own images and your own style of photographing.

You will need to bring your laptop with the latest release of Lightroom already installed on it, and you should make sure your computer can handle it. These programs are memory and power hogs. You will also need to bring your "homework" (images taken specifically for this workshop) on your memory card, but do NOT download them onto your computer. Those who sign up will get a detailed list of things to bring.

Is is extremely important that you carefully check the requirements for both Macs and PCs to make sure you can effectively run this powerful program on your computer. For that, see We cannot stress enough how important it is to check this page out.

We will be running the workshops once a year (to be determined each year) at the Holiday Inn Express in Hillsborough, NC, as well as other locations before a photo workshop.


We have negotiated a very good discounted rate of $94 plus tax at the smoke-free:

     Holiday Inn Express
     202 Cardinal Drive
     Hillsborough, NC  27278
     919-644-7997 (the toll-free number will not know about the discount)
     Google Map

You will need to call on a weekday and ask for Anjan Desai, the manager, and mention Margo Pinkerton and Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures to take advantage of this rate.


Margo Taussig Pinkerton, whom many of you know as The Barefoot Contessa, has taught Lightroom since version 2 came out, both in regularly-scheduled Lightroom workshops and in private ones tailored to the needs of a particular photographer. You can read more about Margo on our Instructors Bios page.

Cost:  $300
In cases when a Lightroom workshop is scheduled right before a photo workshop, there is a 5% discount for those attending the photo workshop starting the same weekend

If you have not already done so, be sure to check our FAQs for questions you may have as well as for equipment and installed downloads you need to bring to the workshop including, if necessary, the free, 30-day, trial versions of Adobe and other imaging products.

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