Save the Date, Tropical Impressions

30 Apr

I did say that putting together a blog today might be problematic, but I have been sending out Save-the-Date e-mails to family, friends, alumni, and BCPA friends for our upcoming photography exhibition, Tropical Impressions from Belize. Those who know us on Facebook and LinkIn already know about this, but some of you who follow us here on WordPress may not be on our list. It seemed only appropriate that I publish the announcement for Save the Date here.© 2011 Margo Taussig Pinkerton.  All Rights Reserved.  From Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures.  For usage and fees, please e-mail BC (at) ZAPphoto (dot) com or contact us at 310 Lafayette Drive, Hillsborough, NC  27278 or at  919-643-3036 before 9 p.m. east-coast time.

It was interesting two winters ago when Arnie and I were in Belize. Unbeknownst to each other, we were each doing botanical abstracts with selective focus, and sometimes with only a little piece of the image in focus. We were amazed when we shared what we had done, and it was clearly the start of an exhibition.

A friend who knows our work introduced us to the executive director of an elegant gallery not too far from us where she has been represented and shown for years. She felt we should have a show there. We enjoyed meeting the director and chatted with him about art, philosophy of art, approaches to art, etc., etc. Really liking what we were hearing, we asked if he might be interested in considering a show of our work.

“Send me some samples,” he responded, and of course, we did.

Almost instantly, he came back with a provisional “yes,” pending approval by their board. Soon after, we got the go-ahead, and now, here we are, or are about to be.

We have now matted and framed some 50 of these large photographs for our exhibition in the beautiful main gallery in the Alamance County Arts Council building. Those who have seen a preview have been most enthusiastic.

The show runs early June to mid July. We won’t even be there when the show is first hung, as we will be running photo workshops in Europe. We teasingly say we are having a closing, since the reception is closer to the end of the show than to the beginning.

If you would like to join us at our reception on July 12, please let me know in the comments below, as we must plan for the reception. The Arts Council building is less than five minutes off I-40/I-85 in North Carolina, between Greensboro and the Triangle area of Raleigh/Durham.

For those who cannot attend, we will be posting these on our Fine Art site once the show has ended.

We always enjoy comments.

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2 Responses to “Save the Date, Tropical Impressions”

  1. Nathan Dean 07-02-11 at 2:10 PM #

    Mary and I were passing through NC last week so we stopped in Graham and really enjoyed the show! Mary commented that it was really nice to see your own work, rather than seeing you critiquing the work of your disciples. I agree entirely!

    What was really interesting to me was how you two each pursue your own vision – as you always teach us to do. Even though the subject matter was similar, I could distinguish from across the room without seeing the signature who made each image. Arnie’s were more abstract and with narrower focus; Margo’s more realistic and with more depth of field. And all of them were terrific.

    I hope others on this blog will make a real effort to see these great images. It was a treat to see them.

    • TBC 07-03-11 at 2:59 PM #

      Nat and Mary,

      So glad you enjoyed the exhibition. We finally got to see it yesterday. Friends flew down from Boston, as they were committed elsewhere on the day of our reception. They oohed and aahed, and we were very pleased with the way the show looked.

      It is interesting about your comments. There were actually a number of Arnie’s images that had more than just a little bit in focus, and a number of mine that had hardly anything in focus. But, as you note, they each look different.

      Take care,



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