Same Place Challenge 1109a

6 Sep

Same Place — Different View Challenge

Last winter, I challenged our alumni to come up with their own Same Place – Different View. The deadline was March, and it’s long past time to unveil the winners.

The idea behind Same Place — Different View is that one can find different views and ways of seeing things in the same place. Put ten people in the same place, and chances are, you will see ten different photographs. Sometimes, the differences will be marked; sometimes, they will be slight. But in all cases, the photographs will not be the same.

We had a number of submissions and picked what we felt were the best, divided into two blogs of four each. All of these images are copyrighted by their respective owners, as noted in their metadata.

Nathan Dean submitted two photographs of lily pads, one a wider view, one a close-up of a single one. You’ll see a subtle change in the camera angle.© 2011 Nathan W. Dean.  All Rights Reserved.© 2011 Nathan W. Dean.  All Rights Reserved.

Nicole Richman came back from Costa Rica with two variations of a Macaw. Again, one can see that Nikki changed both the focal length and camera tilt.© 2011 Nicole Richman.  All Rights Reserved.© 2011 Nicole Richman.  All Rights Reserved.

Sy Stifel made two photographs in our Savannah workshop, each with a totally different feel. In one, you can barely see the sign behind the greenery.© 2011 Sy Stifel.  All Rights Reserved.© 2011 Sy Stifel.  All Rights Reserved.

John Singleton did two views of an Azalea-lined path. It looks as though John stood in the same place, but turned around for another view.© 2011 John L. Singleton.  All Rights Reserved.© 2011 John L. Singleton.  All Rights Reserved.

So, don’t just do the same shot over and over. Look for different ways, different angles, or different directions to render the subject.

We always love to get comments.

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8 Responses to “Same Place Challenge 1109a”

  1. Nathan Deab 09-08-11 at 6:47 PM #

    Many thanks, Margo – glad you liked these images, which I made at the Naples (FL) Botanical Garden, a great location for flower photography. Yes, a slight difference in angle – after all, who taught me to seek the best view?

    • TBC 09-08-11 at 10:26 PM #


      It does, indeed, look like a great location. As to the other comment … [giggle] …

      Take care,


      • Nathan Dean 09-09-11 at 11:56 AM #

        You could also giggle over the fact that I couldn’t even spell my own last name – ah, the flying fingers are fickle …..

        • TBC 09-11-11 at 12:20 AM #

          Absent-minded-professor syndrome! I know what you mean about the fingers misbehaving sometimes.

          Take care,


  2. John Singleton 09-06-11 at 2:50 PM #

    Many thanks Margo. I actually moved my feet. There is a path beneath the azaleas. The vertical photo was taken facing SE, then I walked through the azaleas and took the horizontal from the opposite side of the azalea “tunnel”. Lois loved the light in the middle of the photo and had me print it 24 X 36. Definitely looked better in print. Love Nathan’s, Nicole’s and Sy’s photos. Especially Nicole’s parrot. I have always loved those colorful birds.

    • TBC 09-06-11 at 2:53 PM #

      ‘Twas you, John, who made the photographs, so you should thank yourself! I can imagine that it printed up well. I hope the others see your compliments, and stay tuned for the second installment in a few days.

      Take care, and as always, thanks for chiming in,


    • Nicole Richman 09-06-11 at 7:24 PM #

      Thanks John, I enjoyed this challenge and seeing all the different views of the same place 🙂
      Quite an honor, for sure!!

      • TBC 09-06-11 at 11:01 PM #

        Wait for the next blog with the rest of the selections.

        Take care,



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