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Pricing Photography Revisited

30 Aug

Last updated May 22, 2015

…or The Rental Car Analogy…

Last week, I updated about the Value of Photography. This week, I’d like to give you an analogy that has worked for me … the rental car comparison, also an updated blog.

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Don’t laugh! They are not dissimilar. An art buyer, designer, editor, or other client says to you, “Hey, I paid for it, I own it.”

“Ahhh, no. What you actually paid for is usage of that photograph,” and I go on to give this easy-to-understand explanation.

TBC: “You’ve rented a car in the past, right?”

CLIENT: “Ah, yuhhh.”

TBC: “You rent a car for two days, and it costs you twice as much as one day, yes?”

CLIENT: “Yes.”

TBC: “That’s like paying for Continue reading 

The Value of Photography Revisited

23 Aug

Last updated August 24, 2016

This blog was first published in 2009, but recently updated, it has just as much relevance today…

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In our workshops, we always encourage talented people to insist on a fair price for “selling” their photos. Just because one is an “amateur” does not mean that a credit line is ample reward for a published photograph.

There are many amateurs we know whose work is better than that of some professional photographers. Everyone should know that the copyright to any of his/her photographs is established at the click of the shutter which includes, among other things, the right to negotiate decent pricing for usage.

We were reminded several years ago of the thrill of the prospect of seeing your first photograph in print, hopefully with your credit line alongside. A friend of ours, and one of our alumni, produced a striking photograph that a large university wanted to pick up for use in their next media guide, possibly on the cover, too. How exciting to have your work recognized in such a fashion!

Along with congratulations, I wrote back saying that any photograph worth publishing is worth commanding a fair price, whether produced by an amateur or a pro. An arresting photograph is an arresting photograph regardless of the source. Remember the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words?”

Alas, Corporate America and publications are devaluing photography. They want to get Continue reading 

Verizon, 5 Hours Worth $34.99

26 May

Verizon WirelessDon’t you love Customer Service sometimes? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Arnie starts out over a month ago signing up for a phone that would work in Europe.  Our Droids do not.

At that point, Verizon Customer Service is, in fact, very nice and very helpful.  They say they do not have a Droid for Europe, but they can offer us a Blackberry.  Arnie makes sure to ask if we will have our Contacts and Calendar on the loaner Blackberry.  The very nice Customer Service person assures him this will not be a problem.  Little did she know…

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when we realize that the phone will be delivered with barely enough time to set it up.  Call to Customer Service.  No problem upping the delivery date to a few days earlier.  Thank god, considering what happened.  So far, A+ for Customer Satisfaction.

Since the phone arrives in time for the weekend, I think it best to start early to try and set it up. I call Verizon Customer Service to see what I need to do to prepare for the transfer. Simple; just make sure everything is up to date and export it to a CSV file. OK, that sounds reasonable and something I have done often over the years.

“What about my calendar?”

“When you call back, we’ll  take care of that, too.”

Everything is ready, and I call Verizon to make sure I’ve done everything properly and in the right order. Blackberries are a mystery to me. Intuitive, they are not. Who would think to turn ON a phone using the red HANG-UP botton? That’s not Verizon’s fault, just an interesting aside.

The above with the assorted phone calls takes about an hour and a half of my time. Ugh, but Continue reading