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Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures is based in Hillsborough, North Carolina. You can contact us or view more of our work at:

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  1. Liz 02-24-10 at 4:13 PM #

    Hi I like your blog and will visit often.

    Did you know that there is a food lady called Barefoot Contessa? On HGTV?

    Anyway I used to have Mistylook as my theme; you did great with it. How did you get your font on your tabs and everywhere to be Papyrus?

    I love photography and am actually saving money for a XSI Canon.

    Please reply to questions.



    • TBC 02-24-10 at 5:57 PM #


      Thanks for writing. Yes, I do know the wonderful recipes of the cook, but I have had the moniker since 1970, while she adopted it in the late 80s. That said, there is certainly room for more than one. After all, Ava Gardner had it first in the movie by the same name!

      As to fonts, under Appearance, I selected Edit CSS and went from there. Since I design my own websites and those of other as a sideline, it was relatively easy for me.

      Photography is a passion, that’s for sure. Good for you for saving up for the next camera body, but I would advise you to put your money into good lenses over the top Canon body. And be sure to get a lens hood/shade, rather than a UV filter that many camera shops try to sell you. Your lens is only as good as the weakest glass on it.

      Again, thanks for writing,



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